First impressions really do count. With research now saying you have less than five seconds for your website to impress a potential client.

Despite this, we still come across websites which are badly designed, have poor SEO, or cannot be viewed on mobile devices, which now account for 60% of all internet searches.

Get your website up to speed…  and up to date

Your homepage is the most important page on your entire website. After all, if people aren’t impressed with your web design or content they won’t give you a second chance, they will just navigate away.

The page should make it obvious what your business is about and the message should be clear.

It is now also more important than ever to think about what appears ‘above the fold’, which now comes higher up the page as more people are viewing websites on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

An obvious call to action is also essential. With so many visitors now viewing your site on their mobile a click to call button is your best option. That way people can act immediately which will increase conversions.

In 2017 a fully responsive website should be the norm but if you needed any more reason to make the change, Google is now prioritising mobile responsive sites in in mobile search results.

So a fully functioning desktop site will be penalised if it is not mobile-friendly.

Social Media Ads

With one-third of the world using social media, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising are becoming instrumental in marketing strategy.

90% of all marketers said their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses (Social Media Examiner, 2015).

While 83% of all marketers actively pursue social media marketing initiatives. (Aberdeen, 2016).

Changes in social media algorithms mean you will have seen a huge drop in your organic reach in recent months. This is to encourage businesses to spend on adverts just to reach their followers let alone any new ones.

Facebook currently has the highest conversion rate for all social media e-commerce traffic at just under 2%.

So it’s no surprise that according to research by emarketer 35.4% of total display advertising spending in the U.S.-  $11.93 billion is with Facebook.

They also found that more than 95% of social media managers believe Facebook offers the best return.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still seen by many as a black art.  Which is why some pay extortionate fees to SEO ‘experts’ to get their website ranking top on Google.

Now though packing your pages with keywords and spending a fortune on Google Adwords are not enough. Although the latter will certainly help.

One of the most important factors is regularly updating your content which will help work towards improving your website authority and ultimately your ranking.  Good content is about providing value to your reader that will help with whatever pain point they may be experiencing or something they may genuinely find interesting.

Researching your keywords and naturally integrating them into content, meta tags and titles, is still important however the process should be looked upon as a more holistic approach, always with the goal of delivering valuable and useful content.



Adwords, organic ranking and social media are all key determining factors in successfully getting more exposure and leads from your website.  It is important to allow time for each of these depending on our objectives or to make things even easier, give us a call and let us do the hard work for you.

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